DNP3 Forge

The DNP3 Forge supports the creation and validation of DNP3 XML Device Profile documents. Including script based and builtin validation, IEC 61850 Mapping, Import/Export of CSV (Comma Separated Value) files.


  • Create/Edit DNP3 XML Device Profiles (included in free version).
  • Supports January 2010 and July 2012 versions of the DNP3 XML Device Profile Schema.
    1. Allows user to easily convert between schema versions.
    2. DNP3 Forge can easily be extended to support new versions of the schema as they are released.
  • Displays DNP3 Device Profile contents in an easy to navigate and searchable tree.
  • Displays properties of selected element with details.

DNP3 Parameters

  • Customized editor for each DNP3 Device Profile parameter.
  • Allows user to specify capabilities, current value, and/or methods that can be used to set each parameter on the device.
  • Editors are designed to enforce consistency and the creation of valid DNP3 XML Device Profiles.
  • Displays a detailed description and additional pertinent information for selected parameters.

Device Profile Document

  • Display a DNP3 XML Device Profile in the standard format.
  • Can be used to print/distribute human readable versions in the standard format.
  • Displays the correct document based on the schema version of the document being viewed.
  • Import/Export Point Lists from/to CSV (Comma Separated Value) file format.

Multiple Devices

  • Easily load multiple Device Profile Documents.
  • Layout the display to best meet the information.
  • Allows the comparison of two device profiles.
    1. Determine parameters that have been changed (i.e. are not the same).
    2. Determine compatibility between two devices (i.e. display parameter options that overlay).


  • Map to IEC 61850 Object Models (included in free version).
  • Loads an IEC 61850 ICD file and displays the contents in a tree.
  • Supports the creation of mapping tables (embedded in the DNP3 XML Device Profile) between DNP3 and IEC61850 Object Models.
  • Conforms to the IEC 1815.1 Specification for Mapping between DNP3 and IEC61850.
  • Supports the automatic creation of a new DNP3 XML Device Profile from an IEC 61850 SCL file based on the default mappings and user selected attributes.
  • Supports flexible drag and drop or editing of mapping parameters.

Validation and Test Scripts

  • Includes a scripting engine (Python) that provides access to all open DNP3 XML Device Profiles.
  • Includes a variety of built in test scripts as well as allowing the user to generate their own custom scripts.
  • Compare supported DNP Data Types against another DNP3 XML Device Profile or DNP Level 1, 2, 3, 4 requirements.
  • Use Scripts to validate consistency of related fields and create validation tests to meet requirements for a specific utility, region, or country.

What’s New

Current Release: v1.3
Release Date:  February 2013

Newest Features in this Release

  • Added DNP3 Device Profile validation.
  • Added DNP3 Device Profile Comparison Tool.