IEC 60870-6

Source Library


  • Source code is available in ANSI-Standard C, C++, and .Net C #.
  • The C library supports all TASE.2 types and the C++ and C# libraries support all of the most commonly used types.
  • The C++ and C# libraries support exception handling and full Object Oriented development.
  • The C library is platform independent.
  • The C++ and C# libraries are only supported on Windows.

TASE.2 Features

  • Support for blocks 1,2 and 5, including DataSets, DataSet TransferSets, and SBO Controls
  • Support for ICCP/TASE.2 security
  • All libraries support client only, server only, and bidirectional applications.
  • The library supports both 1996.8 and 2000.8 versions of IEC ICCP/TASE.2 protocol.