Energy Automation with IEC 61850

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In the automation of stations the international standard  IEC 61850 is widely used today. All well-known protection equipment manufacturers have implemented the IED functionality. IEC 61850 is also a mandatory standard in control systems. Current hot topics are also redundancy HSR and PRP.

By now new standards like  IEC 61400-25 for the wind industry are based on the foundation created with IEC 61850. Object models for hydroelectric power plants, distributed energy systems, batteries, photovoltaic systems are under progress or already released.

Modernizing existing systems based on DNP 3, IEC 60870, Modbus, Profibus or proprietary communication will be the task of the future. Efficient and trouble-free conversion to IEC 61850 as well as a temporary parallel operation of old and new plant devices are the challenges.





Requirements Engineering

  • Modeling requirements
  • Specification engineering workflow
  • Elaboration of requirement sheets

Software Engineering

  • Development of engineering tools
  • Development of gateways / communication components for the controller in the field of switchgear / power transmission
  • Design & Development of soad shedding and generator management systems

Test Engineering

  • Introduction of standard-compliant development processes
  • Definition and implementation of quality gates
  • Simulation and testing


  • SIMATIC PCS 7, Power Control,
  • SIPROTEC protection devices, SEL, ABB, VAMP
  • Generator management, fast load shedding
  • IEC 61850 – MMS and GOOSE
  • Modbus
  • DNP3
  • IEC 60870 – …