IEC 61850 Test Suite – Hammer

IEC 61850 Client with the ability to connect to and test any IEC61850 Server via an SCL file or browsing. Compare configuration obtained from browsing a Server to any SCL file. Exercises Read, Write, GOOSE, Sampled Values, Reporting, Logging, Controls, Dynamic DataSets, and File Services both manually and script driven.


  • For IEC 61850 Clients:
    1. Browse any IEC 61850 Server.
    2. Exercise Reporting, Logging, GOOSE,Controls, and File Services.
    3. Create and delete dynamic data sets.
    4. Save discovered model to an SCL file.
    5. Select flexible views and save/load Workspaces

Server Browsing

  • Client object models can be built using the discovery process or read from an SCL File.

Working with report blocks

  • Change the individual attributes of the Report Control Block manually.
  • Enable reports with the click of a mouse.
  • Change or set the active DataSet in one step.

Flat view of Object Model

  • The Flat View Pane displays the entire object model or a subset of the model based on which filters are chosen. For example, to find all measurands simply check “MX”.

Report Inspection

  • Each Report, GOOSE Message, and Log Entry received by the client is displayed separately to allow for straight forward data verification.
    • General Interrogation reports that do not match data that has been previously received in Change Reports are displayed in red. Right click to see the specific data values that do not match.

Real Time Data Monitor

  • See the latest real time data values received in Reports,GOOSE Messages, and Polled Objects.
    • GOOSE Blocks.
    • Report Blocks.
    • Polled Nodes.

What’s New

Current Release: v3.5.54
Release Date:  December 2013

Newest Features in this Release

  • Added “Perform Read During Discovery” option to a Client’s configuration. This option controls whether a Read should be performed on each DataObject discovered.
  • Added Open SSL Method to strong security configuration.
  • Added PDU-size to Service Errors.
  • Added support for Dynamic Data Sets with array indexes.
  • Changed Algorithm for looking up ReportControls from RptId.
  • EnableReportBlock now issues a read to ensure that its RptID is up to date.
  • Allow all items except RptEna and TimeofEntry to be editable.
  • Added “Enable raw” option to context menu option on Report Control Blocks to bypass automatic logic and simply issue a Write of the RptEna item.
  • Added EntryID tracking.
  • Added ability to send “0000000000000000” for entryID. This is the “starting value” and should cause the server to send the entire contents of the buffer.
  • Added Simulation column in GOOSE Message Window (Ed. 2 requirement).
  • Added Inclusion bits to configuration that controls OSI fields.

Key Additions to Recent Releases

v3.5.41 – Made Workspace files standalone.
v3.5.23 – Added ability to discover and validate against an SCL file.
v3.5.15 – Added support for Ed.2, including Tracking Nodes, Security, Object Model changes, and new Function Constraints.  Added Simulation Files.