IEC 61850 Test Suite – SCL Suite

The SCL Forge facilitates editing and creating Substation Configuration Language (SCL) files. SCL files contain the definition of the object model of a particular device or devices. SCL Forge focuses on configuring the pieces of the SCL file needed to define a particular device.


  • The primary use of the SCL Forge is to create/edit/view/validate the IED Capability Description (ICD) file as a first step in the Substation Engineering process. This file is delivered with a device to describe the IEC 61850 Object Model including configuration parameters.SCL forge can create/edit/view/validate the IED portions of all SCL file formats. However, since its primary focus is for the development and testing of IEDs, it is optimized for ICD and CID files.

SCL File Support

  • Presents the SCL file as a coherent Object Model hiding the details of the schema.
  • Complete Object Model definition for IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25 (Wind),IEC 61850-7-410 (Hydroelectric), and IEC 61850-7-420 (DER).
  • Displays description and mandatory/optional field from IEC 61850 specification.
  • Quickly compare the Object Model to the specification and add missing parts.
  • Create/Edit point mappings from IEC 60870-5-101/104 to IEC 61850 Object Model.
  • Full support for Private/Text fields.
  • Easily add Control Blocks, Data Sets, Logs.
  • Instantly validate SCL files against the schema.

Intelligent Model Building

  • Instantly validate DNP3 Device Profiles against the schema.
  • Quickly and easily create DNP3 Device Profiles, including Capabilities and Current Settings.
  • Create/Edit point mappings from DNP3to IEC 61850 Object Model.
  • Capabilities section includes references to relevant Configuration Options in Triangle MicroWorks Source Code Libraries.
  • DNP3 XML Device Profile Editor is a free component of SCL Forge.

Compare Models

  • Easily identify and add missing parts of the model according to the IEC 61850-6specification.
    • Color coded model display allows for easy identification of missing parts.

Easy Editing

  • The properties pane displays the attributes of the selected object for easy viewing and editing.

What’s New

Current Release: v3.5.54
Release Date:  December 2013

Newest Features in this Release

  • Added ResvTms to Settings Group items in Services section.
  • Updated Schema to 1.6 for Ed. 1.
  • Updated Ed. 1 and Ed. 2 templates used to build new SCL files.
  • Added ability to add an LN under AccessPoint..

Key Additions to Recent Releases

v3.5.15 – Added support for Ed.2, including Tracking Nodes, Security, Object Model changes, and Function Constraints.  Added new rules for custom CDCs.