New MindSphere App is Simplifying IIoT Connectivity

Bringing machines and devices into the cloud is not so easy – unless you use the new Codewerk Connectivity Extension. It reduces the engineering effort to more than a fifth. Now available in the MindSphere App Store!

Many engineers can tell you a thing or two about that: Transfering machine data from plants directly from the store floor requires many individual steps that have to be performed manually. The good news is: Not any longer! Our new CE App „Connectivity Extension“ is automating the connection of devices to the MindSphere ecosystem!

IIoT app retrieving necessary data points from CSV files

And this is how it works: The Codewerk CE Extension uses existing connectivity information as configuration data to establish connectivity to the Siemens MindSphere platform. Thus, after loading the configuration file, the data points only have to be selected and possibly revised – it is not any longer necessary to manually enter each data point with its specific address.

The prerequisite for this is that the app is able to retrieve the required data points from the CSV files and thus independently build the data structure. Alternatively, users of the Siemens TIA Portal can import the data points into the app from the OPC UA server descriptions of the PLC or CPS.

Automatic creation of IoT models saves time

This is how engineering with the Connectivity Extension actually works: in the first step, the user creates (only once) a data / device record for each IoT gateway (MindConnect Nano, IoT2040, MindConnenctLib) in the CE App. After onboarding, the user must then configure the so-called data sources such as for example OPC UA. Afterwards he can import the data points via the CSV/XML interface and in the next step edit these data points in the web interface (name, address, data type, unit). Once the data points are defined, the cloud data model can be derived from them. For this purpose, the CE App offers a wizzard that can be used to select or create aspects, asset types and assets.

The variables of the asset can be created based on the connectivity data points with a simple drag-and-drop. The mapping between the connectivity data point and the aspect variable is done automatically in the background (so-called auto-mapping).

OPC UA, S7 and Modbus protocols are supported

What is now the advantage of this method compared to manual engineering? The Codewerk Connectivity Extension significantly simplifies and accelerates the creation of device connectivity to MindSphere. Without the CE App, engineering is much more complex – more time-consuming and error-prone. Especially for MindSphere users who have to connect larger plants with high data volumes, the CE App offers a real advantage.

Currently the CE App is supporting the three protocols OPC UA, S7 and Modbus. The IPCs MindConnect Nano, MindConnect IoT2040 and the MindConnect Library are supported as IoT gateways. The application is currently available as free trial version in the MindSphere App-Store.

Get the Connectivity Extension App right today in the MindSphere App Store!

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