Process Automation

Systems for process automation with growing functionality

Constant Evolution

Industry customers today are typically using the international standard (EC61850) to integrate electrical switchgear into their process control infrastructure. A system for the control of a paper mill is now able to visualize all the electrical protection devices, circuit-breakers and transformers and also manages the load shedding.

Process Automation

Constantly increasing safety requirements in off-shore activities demand new concepts for planning, construction and the operation of plants. The concept of “Integrated Operation” with extended diagnostic features, remote operation and user-friendly information processing offers an answer. Communication and its availability is a major challenge in deep-sea drilling for example.

Increased integration of substations into the central HMI is another growing trend in pipeline management. Hierarchical systems for communication, efficient and consistent engineering and back-up strategies for remote operation are necessary.






Software Engineering

  • Integration of external devices via Profibus and Profinet
  • Design of STEP 7 / PCS 7 driver blocks and system integration of external devices
  • Integration of external devices via Industrial Ethernet
  • Gateway design
  • Development of STEP 7 / PCS 7 communication blocks

System Engineering

  • Customer support in system design


  • Design of fair prototypes and mockups

Test Engineering

  • Simulation of Factory Acceptance Test and Process






  • PCS 7 PowerControl, PCS 7 TeleControl
  • PS Library, APL, Industry Library, SC Library, CIS CK, ESM, PowerControl Library (PCL)
  • Siemens PDM, Valvepositioner Siemens SIPART PS II
  • F-Systems, SIMATIC Batch, RouteControl


  • TSAA Protocol


  • Advant
  • Masterbus 300 protocol


  • Valvepositioner Emerson DVC 6000
  • Emerson AMS, ValveLink